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June 14, 2016 -- Flag Day Ceremony
Jan 2016  -- Hawaii WWI War Memorial
Sept 18th -- National POW/MIA Recognition Day
 Sept 22nd --  Welcomed First “All Female” Honor Flight
Nov 1st -- Arlington-Fairfax Elks Veterans Day
Nov 3rd -- Crisp Keynote Speaker at NSDAR Ketochin Chpt

Donna Crisp, RADM(Ret) reports


Our nation is entering the centennial of World War I.  On 7 Jan 2016, friends and family gathered at the War Memorial on Waikiki for a commemorative lei ceremony honoring our past heroes. Leis were placed on the large rock inscribed with the names of each of the 79 island heroes from the Army and Navy who paid the ultimate price in the service of the United States and 22 in service of Great Britain.  101 Hawaiians are inscribed on a massive boulder of lava, our Honor Roll and the Natatorium, a open ocean pool honoring these and over 8,000 men and women of our islands.

This living memorial built in 1927 hosted swimming events and family gatherings.  It is now a disintegrating memorial to the men and women of our islands that sacrificed and served during the Great War, World War I.  The brightly colored Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (reef triggerfish) are the sentinels that pay daily honor to our heroes.

  As 2016 begins, we keep the promise to honor our fallen heroes and ensure the men and women that died and served our country during World War I are not forgotten.

Donna Chesus Crisp, CPT, CACP

Rear Admiral, US Navy (Retired)

Arlington-Fairfax Elks 

Veterans Day

Arlington-Fairfax Elks Veterans Day salute to Veterans and their families. Sunday, November 1, 2015. Donna Crisp, RADM USN (Ret) was the keynote speaker for the Arlington-Fairfax Elks Veterans Celebration. The celebration was attended by and honored the veterans from the VA Hospital in Martinsburg West Virginia and the Wounded Warriors from the Hospital at Fort Belvoir Virginia

Crisp Keynote Speaker at NSDAR Ketoctin Chapter

Ketoctin Chapter, NSDAR hosted a program open to the public at the Rust Library in Leesburg Virginia on November 3, 2105. The keynote program speaker was RADM Donna Crisp, USN (Ret) presenting an update on the Defense POW-MIA Accounting Agency. Many veterans and members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars attended with Ketoctin Chapter members.  

National POW/MIA

Recognition Day

Today I had the honor of meeting the Secretary of Defense, The Honorable Ashton Carter, and two POWs from WW II.   18 September is National POW/MIA Recognition Day and I was invited to attend the ceremony at the Pentagon.   I have attached three photos:

1)    The Joint Color Guard marching in the opening of the ceremony.

2)    Donna Crisp with Mr. Bill Tippins the first Army member to parachute into the war.  He saw duty in Africa and was captured in Italy. “In February 1944, as part of the 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion, the 20-year old Pfc was blown from his foxhole in Anzio, Italy. When he came to, a German soldier was standing over him speaking in perfect English, “For you the war is over." Tippins who had received a severe abdominal wound, thought the German would shoot him on sight. But to his surprise the German gave him a choice, "I can kill you now or you can try to walk to the aid station, three kilometers away." The German soldier was actually an American from St. Louis, Missouri who had been visiting family in Germany when the war broke out.”  You can read more about Bill Tippins on the internet or view a YouTube video of his experience.

3)   I joined the Secretary of Defense in a photo thanking Mr. Orville R. Hughes and his son Steve for their service to our country.  “Colonel Orville Hughes served our country for 27 years in the Army during World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. He was a POW in Germany, earned a Silver Star in Korea.”  For more on Mr. Hughes, please check the Veterans History Project on the internet.    

It was a great honor to meet such patriots.    

Warm regards, Donna L. Crisp

  Sept 22 -- Welcomed
First “All Female” Honor Fligh

womens flight guard Yesterday, we welcomed home the first “all female” Honor Flight on 22, September 2015 at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.  The Airport was decorated, families were dressed up, flags and balloons were in the air.   All clapped and whistled to the band playing patriotic songs.  The photo with four women shows us getting ready to welcome our veterans. Photo members left to right:


It is always an honor to serve and support our veterans.  

Warm regards, Donna L. Crisp


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    Donna Crisp, RAdm(ret), CPT

    Donna is active in veterans support organizations and tracks military issues related to certifications and instructional design.  At TIfPI, shes is Director of CACP certifications.

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